By littlechrissy16
3 years ago

my experience of an eating disorder

when i was 12/13 i was diagnosed with anerexia this is a eating disorder where people keep there body weight as low as possible this could be becasue of a low self-esteme. i restric the amount of food i have and always exercise due to this eating disorder when i was a young i was really fussy eater. With an eating disorder you try your best to keep slim as possible with my eating disorder i am an Anemia this is where my blood and iron is low all the time. there are times i will eat very little or even avoid eating meals this does leave physical problems such as lightheaded dizzyness and loss of hair.

My expierance with my eating disorder has been going in and out of hospital this is because of my collapsing due to the lack of food with my eating disorders i suffer from blackouts my blackouts can last up to 5 mins depending on the day when im in hospital i have to have drips every two weeks i have to have blood test and heart rate along with drips this can drain me out. This eating disorder has effected my social life this can because of going out , getting ready there are days where i have a good day and i dont feel as bad but still have side effects along with my bad days are collapsing and blackouts this can happen anytime anyday this can just come on.