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Martin McGuiness dead at 66

News has come through that ex-IRA Commander Martin McGuinness has passed away at the age of 66. Starting as a lowly Butcher he worked his way up through IRA ranks to become an IRA Commander.

He spent years battling British forces and Loyalist terrorists on the streets of Northern Ireland and some will miss this controversial man while others will be glad he has gone.

Gerry Adams his brother in arms both in Sinn Fein and in the IRA paid tribute to him. Whereas Norman Tebbit said the world is a sweeter place without him. Tebbit has good reason to hate Mcguinness as he and his wife were victims of an IRA attack on a hotel in Brighton where they staying for a Conservative party conference in the 80's.

The fact that both Loyalist political parties and Republicans came together to share power and peace in Stormont under Tony Blair was a minor miracle. There will always be those that say
McGuinness literally got away with murder and should have gone on trial with other IRA members as a war criminal with others saying the opposite.

McGuinness died of a rare heart problem in Northern Ireland surrounded by loved ones. Right now there is no governing authority in Northern Ireland as there has been a general election and both Sinn Fein and the DUP are negotiating to form a government if this does not succeed direct rule will be reinstated from London.

McGuiness resigned as Deputy First Minister because of a controversy over so-called renewable fuel from his DUP counterpart the First Minister.

Now Sinn Fein is one seat behind the DUP and the DUP just about remain the majority.
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Bilston Totally agree with your comments.
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