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Real Life Story: Dream Tells Something

Created on 03/05/2018 by

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Nightmare is a part of dreaming something that gives meaning to waking up. It shouldn’t be considered the scary things that will happen for a person dreamed about of something or someone. Some people claimed to be the premonition to make us ready for what may happen in the future.

I am sharing my dreams. These dreams are so unforgettable that connected to what happened in real life. It was still stuck in my senses. It may sound a nightmare but I took it with meanings. Some people would think that I am overreacting. That was true for close people that I had shared my personal dreams with. With such scenario, I had stopped telling these dream stories and started to keep for myself. Now, I am sharing it with the people not to feel scared of nightmares.

I had once got scared of a nightmare when I dreamed about my father died. It was a horrible dream and continued to brush off the bad images in my dreams. I even bite a piece of wood to overturn the bad dream. It was so awful that I can breathe thinking about it and continued to conceal the feelings for the possibility of death in our loved ones. It is not right and in denial.

Then, my father got ill and we don’t know what’s going on with him. It has been three years. But I can still remember clearly of what’s going on to my dear father. His health condition deteriorates tremendously and the hospital became his house due to confinement. I felt so bad and still cannot grasp the idea based on what I had dreamed before.

Months passed by and it takes time for the doctor to determine the causative factor of his illness. He was having heart disease. His aorta is leaking and it needs to have a by-pass procedure to save his life. The day had come and he undergoes the operation. It was a successful procedure. It was a big relief for the family to hear this good news.

But then, his condition regressed after few hours and had a seizure. It progressed to a comatose state and the family was so devastated. This is the point where the family needs to stay together and support each other. For two weeks, he didn’t regain consciousness and had his last breath. It wasn’t feeling lost because we had fought hard and we give it all to God the rest.

Image Credit: pixabay.com

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