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4 years ago

Man withdrawn from potential barrister Job

A man was withdrawn from a potential barrister job after being considered and accepted by the Bar. Unfortunately for him this was something that shocked him. He had a driving offence and had convictions from when he was younger. He admitted that he was 'naive' at the time and regretted such decisions.

"Needless to say, receiving this news was completely devastating to me and my whole family. I gained weight and became emotionally distressed. I was a shell of the man who had been on top of the world only a few weeks earlier. My wife was equally devastated. She had taken every difficult step with me over the past five years." He claims...

"It all went heartbreakingly wrong for me. I have a driving conviction – and 10 days before I was due to start, the CPS withdrew my dream job offer because of it. I was registered at the Bar as a fit and proper person, and I am a registered child protection officer – but none of that mattered."

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What is your point of view on this, is something like this fair? Or legally speaking, was the right choice not to appoint this man to work as a Barrister because of an unspent driving offence.
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