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Sometimes the fact that we do not know ourselves is playing a bad joke and building our opinion on the people around us. Quick and very nice way to get to know one more of the emotional traits of your character .
The method is very easy - just tell in which of the men of the tree you get to know best. Or if you were on this tree , where exactly would you be?

If you choose positions 1, 3, 6 or 7 , this means you are often in a situation where you have to overcome any obstacles on your way.

Number 2, 11, 12, 18, 19 - You are a very communicative personality , giving and seeking friendly support.

Number 4 - stability is very important for you to succeed in overcoming the difficulties.

Number 5 - You often suffer from fatigue, weakness, little reserve of strength or shyness .

Number 9 - easy to find motivation for entertainment .

Number 13, 21 - you regularly experience alienation , anxiety, or feel isolated.

Number 8 - You are constantly wanting to rip out of your midst or to withdraw .

Number 10, 15 - You feel comfortable in different conditions , adaptation is your strong side.

Number 14 - you are in a state of crisis , "fall into the abyss."

Position number 20 is often chosen by people with high self-esteem and leadership .

Position # 16 - You love helping, which is why people often associate you with a person who can be relied on at a difficult time.

Number 17 - You always look for support and approval before you take action, but be careful, because there is a risk that it will not seem as if you are "carrying on your back" forever .
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ChestnutSlippers The number and description don't match for me. I'm a very timid person in real life with bad social anxiety. I can't hold conversations well, rarely speak, am terrified of things like public shops and public transport, but I absolutely love climbing things. If I was found a tree like this I would definitely be at number 20. Ever since I was a kid I would be the first one at the top of a tree or one of those spider-net things. Heights don't scare me at all. There's something comforting in being so high above everyone and everything. I see number 20 as someone who hated being on the ground and is extremely relieved to be up there.
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LiaF7 @Chestnutslippers, see... you aren't so timid expressing yourself by writing. Some people are shy in public in direct presence with others but very outgoing when they write and don't face directly their interlocutor.
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