By frenchqueen
3 years ago

Love What You Do!

They say that when you love what you do, you won't see yourself working a single day of your life. Do you agree?

I do. There was a time in my life when I experienced being employed right after I graduate. The salary was too slow but I was loving what I do. My siblings even told me to stop working and just take care of our business instead but I didn't listen to them. I had passion in what I did back then and I really enjoyed it a lot I didn't see it as a job. But as time went on, I felt that I was no longer growing anymore. I wasn't learning, I because stagnant and then the burn out. So I quit.

These days I am enjoying my hobby and that's creating fun stuff like the card in this photo. I've been told that I could sell them and make a business of my won doing handmade cards and tags. But I'm not sure I'm ready to venture into that yet, As of the moment I just love what I'm doing and I will continue to do it for as long as I can. When the opportunity of earning comes, then probably I will grab it. At the moment, I just want to savour the joy of creating something pretty everyday!

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