By Somebody97
5 years ago

Long island iced tea

Write the article hereWrite the article hereWrite the article hereIngredients
50ml vanilla vodka

50ml London dry gin

50ml reposado tequila
50ml rum

50ml triple sec
50-100ml fresh lime juice
500ml cola
2 limes, cut into wedges

Pour the vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec into a large (1.5l) jug, and add lime juice to taste. Half fill the jug with ice, then stir until the outside feels cold.

Add the cola then stir to combine. Drop in the lime wedges.

Fill 4 tall glasses with more ice cubes and pour in the iced tea.

Enjou in tea guys :)
5 years
maca1 Lovely tea
5 years
5 years
carmen3521 ? now i drink tea. Lipton black tea!
5 years
5 years
Deliana Cheers!!! ??? I prefer the beer & the juice...?
5 years
5 years
fabio26 very good , cin cin ?
5 years
3 years
Explorer2017 Good tea
3 years