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Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon is Portugal’s capital.
From São Jorge Castle, the view encompasses the old city’s pastel-colored buildings, Tagus Estuary and Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. Nearby, the National Azulejo Museum displays 5 centuries of decorative ceramic tiles. Just outside Lisbon is a string of Atlantic beaches, from Cascais to Estoril. ☉☉☉

Lisbon’s history dates back to 300,000 years ago. However, it emerged as a nation state in the early 12th century and ranks as one of the world's longest founded cities 🙂

As the legend tells, history of Lisbon was a battlefield for Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians, however it was Romans who started their two-century reign in Lisbon in 205 BC. During Romans period, Lisbon became one of the most significant cities in Iberian Peninsula and renamed Felicitas Julia.🏛🕌🏢

In 714, the Moors arrived to Peninsula and resisted against Christian attacks for 400 years. When the Christians finally recaptured the city, it took one more century to repel all the Moors from the peninsula.🏠🏠

The 15th century was the point of departure for the Portuguese Discoveries, an era during which Portugal enjoyed abundant wealth and prosperity through its newly discovered off shore colonies in Atlantic islands, the shores of Africa, the Americas and Asia.🌍

Vasco da Gama's famous discovery of the sea route to India marked this century.
Lisbon was then world's most prosperous trading centre. Furthermore, many attractions of the city at present such as Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Torre de Belém, both classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, were built during this period. 🏢🏢🏢🏯🏰🌃

However, this era didn’t take long, unfortunately the earthquake of 1755 destroyed nearly entire city. 😭😭😭

The city was rebuilt by the Marques de Pombal, who created the Baixa Pombalina, a commercial area that still attains attraction.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the city spread progressively to the North and areas such as the Avenidas Novas (New Avenues).🌃

Today, Lisbon is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe while still maintaining the marks of its early glorious history. 🌍🌍
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