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3 years ago

Learn Why The Dog Is Man's Best Friend

The dog is man's best friend, this is a world-known phrase. As if that were not enough, new studies have revealed the reason for the certainty of this phrase. Living with a dog has numerous benefits. We'll talk about some of them and this new scientific research.

Living with a dog contributes countless benefits to our emotional and physical health. So much so that it has been proven that children who grow up with dogs are happier and have lower risk of getting sick.

For all people, regardless of whether they are children, women or men, these are some of the advantages of having a dog and living with him:

Decrease solitude. For those who live alone, having a dog is the best solution. Never again will you arrive in your house and it will be empty, you will always have a being of good humor waiting for you and that will welcome you with affection and "a smile".
Prevents illness. Dogs go out to the streets and carry bacteria and other germs, so that little by little we become immune when we live with a dog. Having a dog as a pet can improve asthma. Also, because of the exercise we will do when taking you for a walk, we can prevent heart disease.
It improves our physical health. Having a dog is an added responsibility and it keeps us going. Having an exercise program helps us to be healthy inside and out.
Reduces stress. It has been proven that the presence of an animal reduces stress, as taught us by a well-known brand of animal feed.
We could spend all day enumerating the benefits a dog can bring to our lives, but we'll talk about the specific advantages these animals bring to men.
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LiaF7 The only negative point I find is when you're allergic to dog hair. Thank God I'm not because I really love them.
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Fesalvia What a beautiful article, I love animals.
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