By Fesalvia
3 years ago

Labor Day

Today in Brazil is celebrated Labor Day, a very special date, because it is the celebration of a constant struggle for economic and professional growth, in a country where opportunities are not the same for everyone.
In Brazil and in several countries of the world it is a national holiday, dedicated to celebrations, demonstrations, rallies, exhibitions and events of protest and awareness.
The History of Labor Day dates back to 1886 in the industrialized city of Chicago (United States). On May 1 of this year, thousands of workers went to the streets to demand better working conditions, among them, the reduction of the workday from thirteen to eight hours a day. On the same day a major general workers' strike occurred in the United States.

Two days after the events, a riot involving police and workers led to the death of some demonstrators. This fact generated a revolt in the workers, provoking other clashes with police officers. On May 4, in a street clash, demonstrators threw a bomb at the police officers, killing seven of them. It was the trigger for the police to start firing on the group of demonstrators. The result was the death of twelve Protestants and dozens of wounded people.

These were remarkable days in the history of the workers' struggle for better working conditions. To honor those who died in the conflicts, the Second Socialist International, which took place in the French capital on June 20, 1889, created the International Workers' Day, to be celebrated on May 1 of each year.
In Brazil, we are still struggling for improvements, facing a period of high unemployment and attempts at labor and social security reforms that do not give any improvement to the workers' lives, bring only curses, we are far from a just and democratic homeland that may be a day of reflection on labor issues and the value of the worker.


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