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In the aftermath of the Ariana Grande concert attack could we learn from Israel?

I was as horrified as the next person when news came in last night from BBC News24 that a terrorist outrage had been launched on innocent concert goers at Manchester Arena. Some thought it was balloons popping but sadly this turned out not to be the truth.

People of all ages according to reports have been killed or badly injured and one punter talking to BBC News 24 last night said he was talking to an employee of the Manchester Arena when he and she were blown off their feet.

When they got to their feet they were surrounded by a chaotic scene of dead and injured people and immediately helped medical services where they could with the injured, dead or dying.

It always makes me mad when people seem to forget that since 9/11 we have been engaged in a bitter war with a sect of Islam that believes in world domination and of wiping western infidels and their Satanic civilization (as they see it from the earth). Why are places like the Manchester Arena and other publics places like concert halls, sports stadiums, and shopping malls not better protected as airports are?

The government knows full well these groups like Islamic State or al Qaeda wish to cause the maximum carnage and yet there is no proper security what so ever in any of these places. I for do not mind being searched and neither should anyone else before entering public places and neither should Muslims as it is for their safety too such measures are carried out like at airports.

I know the scene of armed guards or electronic gear or undercover operatives can scare people but some may be reassured by this that the powers that be are taking a terrorist attack seriously.

Israel is a nation I do not agree with on many things like the treatment of Palestinians never the less their security is as tight as a ducks bum if you'll forgive the expression. They have suffered terrorist attacks ever since their inception in 1948 and know how to deal with such would be attackers in their security.

I think it's time we in the UK followed suit and while many may think our country was in lock down if these Israeli style security measures were brought into place wouldn't it be worth having if it saved the lives of innocent people and apprehended Jihadis.

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ze2000 Israel is not affected by this disease called "political correctness". They do what is best for them, period.

In the western we have 2 enemies: the terrorists and the ones who justify the terrorist acts to look "cool and tolerant".
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