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Imran Khan & Donald Trump 10 Similarities

There are a number of leaders in the world, who are equally popular and controversial. Donald Trump! & Imran Khan! Also find their place among those. Trump had been the most controversial nominee for US presidential election. Political pundits predicted that he won't make it to the Oval! But to everyone's surprise, he made it rather comfortably.

Imran! Started his political career during the 90s. The gurus of political arena anticipated that his career will be short. For the first decade, it looked like that Khan has made a bad choice. A decade passed, 2011 brought a sudden rise in his political stature, and after that, he never stopped. Right now, he leads one of the most popular political parties in Pakistan, which secured second largest votes in 2013 General Elections.

Let us have a look on lives of both personalities and see what do they have in common.

Imran Khan & Donald Trump both were the playboys of their time. Both have spent their youth, and majority days of their lives running after beautiful women.

Both of them have two failed marriages to their portfolios. Imran Khan has been divorced twice; Trump has also been divorced twice. However currently, Trump is enjoying his third marriage, whereas Mr. Khan is looking for his third bride.

Both politicians have short temper. They are often seen on the television saying absurd things, calling their opponents by uncivilized words. Recognized leaders all around the world maintain a specific stage/TV presence at all times. But for Mr. Khan & Trump, this formula only works till someone says something, which makes them speechless.

Both leaders have studied Economy during their graduate studies. However, both are unable to present a practical formula to fix their country’s economic turmoil.

The political slogan for Trump’s campaign was that he will make “America Great Again”. Khan’s slogan says that he will build “Naya Pakistan” which means building the entire country anew. Both want to attract the majority of the population by addressing the popular sentiment.

Both Trump and Khan were recognized athletes during their student life. Trump used to play Football and Baseball, whereas Khan was a cricket star who ended his sporting career as a captain of International Cricket Team for his country.

In their early days, Trump & Khan both were reluctant to take part in active politics. They both are seen clearly admitting on the TV, that they don’t want to take part in the politics. But then, later on, both decided to run for the supreme position in their respective country’s administration.

Both Leaders have daughters outside their wedlock. The famous scandal of Sita White, which was initially denied by Mr. Khan, later on, revealed that Tyrian Khan was Khan’s own child. Trump’s daughter Tiffany! Was born two months before his marriage with Marla Maples!

Both leaders are involved in tax evasion activities. Mr. Khan bought land in his wife’s name, and also opened an offshore company, to save tax in the UK. Mr. Trump is seen on TV, clearly admitting the fact that he avoided tax payment to the state because it was a smart move.

Both leaders have interesting political slogans, which surprise us if we know a little about their history. Trump! Is anti-immigrant and his wives and his parents were themselves, immigrants. Khan’s major slogan is against corruption; however, his own father was sacked by the Government on corruption charges.

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ze2000 I think we have all met more than one Donald Trump/Imran Khan in our lives, they're everywhere. You make a choice at some point in your life, you are a nice person that will be remembered for being approachable and friendly or you are an asshole and you will (probably) remembered for your achievements by running over most of the people around you.
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Bilston Unfurtunately there are many more politicians like them. They all lie to get into power and there's corruption everywhere.
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Borderline good post man
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Smokey2017 They have all messed up big time
One way or another
Trump is a bully either do as I say or
Jog on his wife melania got no manners or respect for other dignatries we have seen the way she had treated mrs obe
Watch this space trump will
Lead us all into w w 3
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3 years
Smokey2017 What postive thing has trump done since he got into power for the American people
The Americans were completely brainwashed by trump as all they saw was immgration
If they say that he would be getting rid of Obama care then no way would he have been elected
He is a shit stirrer into other countries
Causing this trouble that we are in the Middle East
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Alianess This is a ln interesting comparison between the two leaders. They have so much in common including being political leaders.