By Somebody97
1 years ago

Ice Cream Freezer Pops



1/2 package sandwich cookies (12 to 14 cookies) , crushed
15 regular-size peanut butter cups, crushed
10 ounces candy-coated chocolate pieces (about 1 cup), crushed
1/2 gallon very good quality vanilla ice cream, slightly softened


Special equipment: Fifteen 5-ounce paper cups

Combine the crushed cookies, peanut butter cups and candy-coated chocolate pieces and add a spoonful to the bottom of each paper cup.

Scoop the ice cream into a large bowl of a mixer, then pour in the remaining chocolate-cookie mix. Mix gently with a paddle attachment. Spoon the ice cream into the cups and carefully insert a popsicle stick into each pop.

Freeze until the ice cream has solidified. Tear off the paper cups to serve.
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