By AdHocGames
3 years ago

I hate Genestealers

I'm just going to come out and say it: I hate Genestealers. At least painting them anyway.

I've been working on a comission for a friend the last few weeks, getting his Genestealer Cult army painted up ( hopefully to be featured in battle reports here and on the Total Wargaming Youtube channel) and part of that has been an abundance of Genestealers, in a varied state of repair.

And i have to say while i really enjoyed painting the cult side of things, the Genestealers...ugh!

And i still have a dozen or more to do!

For those who aren't engrossed in geekdom, Genestealers are alien invaders from beyond the galaxy, scouts for vast Hivefleets whose only goal is to consume all biological matter in the galaxy before moving onto the next.

Genestealers infiltrate target worlds by implanting their genetics into a host. When the host has children, they'll be born as twisted, alien hybrids, who then go on to breed and create more hybrids. All worshipping the original Genestealer.

As the cult grows, they emit a stronger and stronger psychic beacon, which in turn attracts the attention of a Hivefleet. When it arrives, the cult will rise up to sabotage the planets defense and the consuming can begin.

But they are a pain in the backside to paint!
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Borderline tyranids? beautiful
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luluarte wow!! :)
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