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Hurricane and more hurricanes!

Ok, they say at least some doubters do that there is no global warming and maybe there isn't. Maybe we are just experiencing freak weather because occasionally the weather flips out! It produces these extremes like Hurricane Harvey that devastated Texas and now Irma.

But this is a hurricane following a hurricane and Irma currently dealing death and destruction over the Carribean and then on to Florida is strange. Irma, for example, is the strongest wind on record for a good while I believe and the evidence does appear to be mounting that while the freak weather is natural humans are guilty of causing at least some of it if not all of it.

Donald Trump appears to be a climate change denier walking away from the Paris Climate Deal and gearing up America for a revival of fossil fuels like coal and oil. Yes, I get people in the rust belt as the coal industry has shut down need jobs but at the planet's expense?

At the end of the day when it comes to climate change, people on both sides of the argument will believe and read what ever backs up their case. Just like the Brexit debate for the leavers and remainers they will put their case to you based on the facts and figures that backs up their arguments.

Look at the floods in Bangladesh ok floods happen there all the time sure I get that but could those floods be part of human causes? Look at our summer in the UK we do not have a proper summer anymore the summers we get now are wetter and windier in line with what climate experts said.

Do I believe in climate change well no doubt some freak and strange weather is natural but I am hard rooted in the camp that believes humans are to blame too?

Was I fan of Obama no not on everything but at least he did appear to take measures to protect the planet and the other species we share our planet with. Trump, unfortunately, appears to be undoing all good work.

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