By NyishaHv
3 years ago

How to deal with panic attacks

I have wanted to write an article on panic attacks for quite some time. I understand that panic attacks affect people greatly, on an emotional and physical scale. Many things can trigger panic attacks, to my experience they are some-what self-induced. Because I suffer from (ADHD) it makes me more prone to panic attacks because I have a natural hyperactivity. But for those who suffer from panic attacks can suffer from short-term or long-term anxiety. We can also experience panic attacks from being in situations that unsettle us emotionally. When a panic attack strikes, many have compared the feeling to that of a heart attack. Your chest becomes tight, your breathing becomes shallow and the result leaves your breathing constricted.

One of the best things to do when you have a heart attack is to control your breathing. Once your breathing more deeply and at a slower pace you are sure to overcome the feeling of your chest being tight. Occasionally, depending on how bad the panic attack is the tightness of the chest can last for a few hours. If you are experiencing a panic attack, take deep, slow breaths, breathe in, hold it for a second and then exhale. Another good thing to do when you are having a panic attack is to seek the support of someone you trust. This can be a family member or a friend. I have often find that when I am in the company of loved ones, I am able to calm down when experiencing such an ordeal of emotions.

Panic attacks can be overlooked and many do not regard panic attacks as serious, but panic attacks can actually be traumatic to the individual experiencing it. A lot of people that experience panic attacks feel like they cannot breathe while experiencing the attack. I define a panic attack as 'panicking about panicking'. When we panic, and we are aware that we are in a state of panic, we can panic more and that can lead to the panic attack. The most advisable thing to do if you are having a panic attack is to move yourself to a place of comfort, a place that does not trigger your feelings of intense anxiety. If you are concerned that the panic attack could be an implication of something more serious, then do not be afraid to seek medical advice.

Remember that you are not alone, and significant amounts of people suffer from panic attacks. Remember to try to remain calm and that a panic attack is usually something that passes, it does not last forever. If anxiety is an on-going thing you suffer from then you can seek help from a general practician, or even seek cognitive behavioural therapy. If seeking medical help overwhelms you, then make small steps towards managing your anxiety. Anxiety can be managed in numerous ways:

- Listening to calm music
-Surrounding yourself with supportive, positive individuals that can help aid your anxiety
-Distract yourself (you will find that once you are distracted or focusing on something else other than the panic attack, it will reduce the symptoms of shallow breathing)
-Don't worry - if you feel like you are having a panic attack there is always something that can be done, there are people, loved ones or professionals that you can reach out to especially if it is something you are experiencing long-term.
-Lastly remember that a panic attack will eventually pass and remember to breathe deeply and to focus on things that will calm you down, such as speaking to someone you trust that can help take your mind off the attack, calming music.
-Remember that you are not alone

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