By waflay
3 years ago

Hot Lips Plants

This is a Psychotria elata. That is her her scientific name. However, she has other names that fit her to perfection.
...Hot lips
...Flower Lips
...Hooker's Lips and many more.

Anyway, there isn't a hot girl hiding behind a thick thicket. It is just the color of nature taking its chance to amaze humans.

Where you are likely to meet her!

This plant is a South and North American native and mostly found in the rainforests.

It is survival is currently being tested and its fitness will be proven only if it survives the rampant deforestation in its natural habitat.

According to the late Pro. Wangari Maathai, "If you hurt nature in any way, nature will definitely strike back...'' So sad that we value other plants so much that we deny magical plants a chance to show its true awe.

Well, Psychotria elata is not the only plant that is facing a challenge posed by human activities against natural forests. We have other amazing plants too that needs protection. Lest we come to regret later when nature gives us a blind eye.

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