By viktorija64
3 years ago

Homemade Ferrero


Recipe for the domestic version of the famous Ferrero Rocher beads that we all adore.
100 g of fried hazelnuts
150 g of nutelle or linolade nougat
250 g of charge
Ingredients for decorating
100 g of dark chocolate
3 tablespoons of oil
if desired, about 100 g of hazelnuts
Hazelnuts should be fried to make them feel better. I usually put them in a pan, a few minutes until you feel a bit.

Chop the hazelnuts, as well as napkins. Napolitanke can be crushed by hand or also crushed in a blender.

Add the nutella to the hazelnuts and napkins, then connect the cooker or hands. Place the mixture in the refrigerator just to squeeze a little.

Form the balls with the balls by taking a little mixture from the bowl, crushing it slightly to make it compact, and then forming a ball. When your hands become sticky, just wash them and continue on.

The balls should be cooled well before the chocolate dips, so that the chocolate gets tight as soon as possible, but it is not necessary.

Dip the chocolate with oil, pour it into one cup.

With the help of a fork, wash the ball in chocolate, squeeze it a little, then roll it in hazelnuts or hazelnuts sprinkle on the ball, as desired and tasted.

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