By angelag139
5 years ago

History / social media.

As we all know, everyone has their own thoughts and options on social media but i would like to share mine. people may disagree with my thoughts but just got to remember everyone is different and not everyone has the same thought on things.

My personal view on social media:
Social media is great in many different ways however its the people who are on them. Many people tend to abuse and misuse these social media apps just to bully others because they find it funny to which is known as cyber bullying. I think that things should go back to the 80s 60s where there was no technology or social media or anything, people had to meet up face to face knock on each others doors to ask their friends if they want to come out. People would have to use the telephone box to make an important phone call. I personally think that things should go back to how things was back in the olden days however others may disagree but remember this is my personal option. With social media people tend to be keyboard warriors which basically is when they act all hard behind a computer and bully someone online but when it comes face to face to them, they wont say anything to them.

Advantages of social media:
- Can communicate with other people online.
- Can communicate with your family online.
- Can communicate with your friends online.
-Can search up jobs and apply for them online.
- Can email work.
-Facebook games.

Disadvantages of social media:
- More types of bullying.
- People tend to gang up on one person. (Pack animals)
- Nasty comments on peoples photos, status.
- Nasty messages from others.
- People screenshot messages and spreads stuff online.
- Peoples behaviours change for an example behind a computer they would be all nasty and horrible towards others but when its face to face and they are on their own they wont say anything or do anything.

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ze2000 The main problem is that people feel there's no control. The truth is that laws are very soft regarding this.
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Borderline People behind the screen is so brave
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