By Michellekidwell
4 years ago

His Voice Echoes Therein

I walk these roads
Listen to the secrets
Here the songs whispering
In the Wind
The voice of our savior
Echoes therein.

If you listen closely
You can hear the trees
Cry out
As they are cut down
To make room
For another building.
“How will we breathe
Without the trees?”

Trash lines
Destroying its beauty
A joker in a parking lot
Is it some kind of sad
Reflection on society?

The birds sing
A song of praise
In the trees
But what happens if
We destroy
His creation
Piece by piece..

(C) Michelle R Kidwell


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Michellekidwell @GinaEastabrooks a poem that literally just came to mind lol.
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Ravidxb good joker
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