By stepinsidee
7 years ago

Hair Care Regime - Steps BEFORE Washing hair

There are a lot of products out there that care be used for lifeless, dead hair. But the BEST one it oil.
Oil is FOOD for the hair.
There are 2 oils that I would reccomend.
1-coconut oil
2-black seed oil : I have found that the vatika range donest leave such a strong smell, in fact it smells amazing!

They both work just as good, what I normally do is apply it on the morning before I'm about to wash my hair and leave it in for a few hours, then wash it out. The longer you leave it in the better, as it gives your hair a chance to suck in all the nutrients.
It can also be applied the night before (for those of you who don't mind sleeping with greesy hair) and washed out the next morning.

Try and apply oil in your hair atleast twice a week for good results!

PS- it is recommended to wash your hair every 3/4 days, depending on how easily it gets greasy. Washing your hair daily can also be the reason why you suffer from hair loss and damaged hair. You hair needs to feed from the natural oils too, washing it daily doesn't give your hair a chance to do that!

Looking forward to see how you all get on!

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