By blissfulliberty
5 years ago

Growing Old Gracefully

I watched the movie "Miss Granny", a Filipino film with actress Sarah Geronimo on the lead role. It was nice and entertaining especially that at age 56, I really can relate with the characters of the story. It was about an old woman who was given the chance to live young once more.

If you were given the chance to relive your life once more, how will you livevit? Our answers will of course vary but the thing is, there is no such a chance. Growing old if one did not die young is a sure chance. However, each of us will be journeying into such chance differently from each other , too. It would always depend on our own perspectively. We can grow old and grumpy or we can grow old gracefully. Everything would always depend on what we carry all along with us especially in our mind as we face the phases of our lives.

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