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3 years ago

George Micheals funeral

I was very sad to hear George had died and i still am.

Fadi Fawaz (George's boyfriend) has been banned from attending the funeral as Georges family claim that Fadi wasn't Georges boyfriend and also because they feel Fadi didn't do enough to save George on the day of his death, Fadi waited hours before calling the ambulance.

Mr Fawaz was told by police that he is no longer part of their investigation into the singer’s death at the beginning of this month.The celebrity hairdresser was quizzed by Thames Valley Police in January as they tried to piece together the last hours of the star’s life before he died at his Oxfordshire home, aged 53.

Fawaz told them he spent Christmas Eve with the singer, but fell asleep in his car that night, only discovering he was dead when he went to wake him the following morning.

The family is still waiting to bury the singer's body, as toxicology tests were delayed. Sources say toxicology reports on the 53-year-old - which were ordered when the post-mortem examination was 'inconclusive' - will not be completed until the end of February.

The tests will determine whether drugs contributed to Michael's death but can take around eight weeks to complete, meaning the singer's loved ones are still unable to hold the funeral.

Its been said that George will be buried in his favourite black suit’ from his Symphonica tour, his gold Cartier watch and his ring engraved with his nickname ''yog''.
3 years
Smokey2017 Does anybody no how George died
As yet could be natural causes
3 years
3 years
bee No they are still carrying out the examination (so they say)
3 years
3 years
Smokey2017 Taken forever wonder what the hold up could be
As poor guy needs to be laid to rest another grt artist taken early
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