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4 years ago

Finally my laptop will be repaired at no cost. Transcript inside!

After fighting an awkward operator I will finally have the laptop repaired. Transcription attached. To say that this product is a top of the range, this shouldn't be happening. Note that it took 1 hour to complete the claim, ridiculous. Next time I'm buying an Apple.

I have removed all brands, names and data for legal reasons.

1:15 PM  Connecting...
1:15 PM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
1:15 PM  Support session established with ****.
1:16 PM  ****: Welcome to **BRAND** Chat Support. My name is **** and I will be your technical support specialist today. Please allow me a few minutes while I review your information.
1:16 PM  ****: Hello ME
1:17 PM  ME: Hi ****
1:17 PM  ME: Having problems with the quality of the laptop
1:17 PM  ME: quite disapointed
1:17 PM  ****: As per the issue description I see that unit has display crack inside and adapter port is loose correct?
1:17 PM  ME: let me develop that.
1:17 PM  ****: Sorry to hear that!
1:18 PM  ME: the AC plug seems VERY loose. It does work but I can feel that soon it will stop charging. The cable seems all right, it's the charging port that seems to move inside.
1:18 PM  ME: the screen:
1:20 PM  ME: some days ago I felt that the bottom right corner of the screen was becoming unglued. I was unsure and I thought it was me just being paranoid. Today I discovered a crack in the opposite side. It's a very small crack in the weak point of the bezel about 2mm. My experience in the past with a Compaq laptio is that these cracks become bigger and with a new laptop this shouldn't happen. The problem is that the hinges are not sturdy enough and the body of the screen suffers stress when opening and closing
1:20 PM  ME: So very likely the inglued side is for the same reason
1:20 PM  ME: to say that this laptop is used in an office and never use the x360 screen, so it should have these issues at least not when it's so new
1:21 PM  ****: Thank you for the information.
1:21 PM  ****: May I know the exact date of purchase of the computer?
1:21 PM  ME: I'm unsure, I can give it a check
1:22 PM  ****: Could you please share the picture of the hinges and screen?
1:22 PM  ME: give me a minute, I will have to take the pics and upload
1:23 PM  ****: Was there any heavy object placed on the computer or any pressure while opening or closing the laptop?
1:24 PM  ME: no, no of course not, it's on a table in an office
1:26 PM  ****: we checked our resources any crack on the display considered as ware and tare issue and it is not covered under factory warranty.
1:27 PM  ME: oh is that it? I'll take to small claims court then, I'm not going to be playing games. Your product is of an appalling quality and I will easily prove it's a defect in the design.
1:28 PM  ME: I'm not very surprised that you even said that before seing the pictures, looks like you guys have premade decissions.
1:29 PM  Saving chat transcript
1:29 PM  ****: Sorry as you clearly said that display has crack then it confirms that it has internal crack.
1:30 PM  ME: the crack is in the bezel, not in the display. Also I would like to know how can an unglued screen come in wear and tear
1:30 PM  ME: can't find the option how to send the picture, can you please tell me how
1:30 PM  Saving chat transcript
1:30 PM  Saving chat transcript
1:30 PM  ****: ok please provide us the pictures of the computer.
1:31 PM  ME: I can't see an option to send pictures ****
1:31 PM  ****: May I know what exactly are you looking for?
1:31 PM  ME: the button to send a picture?
1:32 PM  ****: Could you please save the picture on this computer desktop?
1:33 PM  ME: I've uploaded the picture to the computer already.
1:33 PM  ****: thank you
1:33 PM  ****: Shall I take remote access of this computer?
1:34 PM  ME: No
1:34 PM  ME: I rather send you the picture
1:34 PM  ME: I have confidential data in this computer
1:34 PM  ****: ok
1:34 PM  ME: don't you have an email where I can send the picture?
1:34 PM  ****: please try to send it in chat
1:34 PM  ME: there's no option on this chat to attach a file or picture
1:35 PM  ****: let me send test email
1:36 PM  ****: Hello ME
1:36 PM  ****: Sent email.
1:37 PM  ME: So shall I respond to that email with the picture attached?
1:37 PM  ****: yes please
1:39 PM  ME: on its way
1:40 PM  ****: ok
1:41 PM  ****: Hello ME
1:41 PM  ****: You have sent only hinges picture.
1:41 PM  ****: Please send the display picture.
1:42 PM  ME: there's no issue with the display
1:43 PM  ME: you want a picture anyway?
1:43 PM  ****: yes please.
1:43 PM  ME: ok give me a minute
1:44 PM  ****: ok
1:47 PM  ME: images on their way
1:47 PM  ****: ok thank you
1:50 PM  ****: Thank you for your patience ME
1:50 PM  ****: we checked all the pictures.
1:50 PM  ****: we will pick up your computer and repair all the damage parts and send it back to you in perfect working condition under paid repair.
1:51 PM  ME: Thank you ****, I am relieved to hear that. What about the AC plug
1:52 PM  ****: let me check one moment please.
1:52 PM  ****: we will fix all the issues in the service center and cost of repair is 132 pounds.
1:53 PM  ME: oh wait a sec, you mean I have to paid for the repairs? The laptor is still in warranty
1:53 PM  ME: *laptop
1:53 PM  ****: Display has internal crack which is not covered under factory warranty.
1:54 PM  ME: the display has a crack because the hinges are wrong, the display has no crack.
1:54 PM  ME: this is not a mishandling, you just have to go in the **BRAND** forum and see the amount of complaints you have about this.
1:55 PM  ****: I am sorry we cannot cover crack display under factory warranty.
1:56 PM  ME: OK before I take any action I would like a written refusal to take charge of the repair.
1:57 PM  ****: let me check my resources one moment please.
2:03 PM  ME: ?
2:04 PM  ****: Thank you for your patience ME
2:05 PM  ****: Please provide us these details so that we can pickup your computer for a Repair and return it back to you in perfectly working condition.Full Name:Mobile Number (For SMS Notifications):Phone Number or alternate number: Best Date for the Courier to pickup the faulty unit (anytime between 8 am - 6 pm (Mon-Fri)):Complete Shipping Address:
2:05 PM  ME: **** you just told me I would have to pay for the repair and I said I don't agree.
2:06 PM  ****: Not to worry we will cover the repair under warranty
2:06 PM  ME: OK thanks, glad to hear that.
2:08 PM  ****: Please provide us these details so that we can pickup your computer for a Repair and return it back to you in perfectly working condition.Full Name:Mobile Number (For SMS Notifications):Phone Number or alternate number: Best Date for the Courier to pickup the faulty unit (anytime between 8 am - 6 pm (Mon-Fri)):Complete Shipping Address:
2:09 PM  ME: *REMOVED DATA* Courier will have to inform receptionist or call me on arrival.
2:09 PM  ****: thank you
2:09 PM  ****: we will place service order and email you the information.
2:09 PM  ****: Is there any thing else I may assist you with today?
2:09 PM  ME: Ok thanks ****, much appreciated.
2:09 PM  ME: No that's all
2:09 PM  ****: I shall go ahead and end this support request. Here is your Case number: ************ for future reference. Thank you for contacting **BRAND**.
2:10 PM  Saving chat transcript
4 years
bee Absolutely ridiculous!! They take your money so quick but when they need to repair or support they take their sweet time!
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