By NatashaT1994
3 years ago


I found this quite annoying in a way.

When I post pictures on my Facebook I like never get any likes. I'm the type of girl who doesn't do anything special with her hair or put any make-up.

Thursday 16th March 2017 at college the Textile students (which I'm part of) had to model a bag and hat that we designed in Semester 1 and made in Semester 2. We had to get our hair and make-up done by Hair and Beauty students and I was posting pictures of my night and when I uploaded pictures of my curled hair and make-up I was getting tones of lines and tones of comments.

Why do I have to wear make-up and have my hair done like I'm going on the red carpet to get noticed? Am I like invisible to people when I have my plain natural face and normal straight boring hair?

And because of my obsession with Pretty Little Liars I am watching it just now. Season One Episode 6: There's No Place Like Homecoming.