By NatashaT1994
5 years ago

Epilepsy: My story Part 3 (Facts ect)

Ok so I said I would post part 3 ages ago. Here I am doing it now.

So this is moreless facts and stuff

Well today (4th April 2017) I took 2 minor/half seizures.

My normal/full seizures are roughly 2-3 months.

I'm not allowed to drive (a dream of mine ruined)

I tried to get the rod out so me and my bf could try for a kid and the nurse wouldn't because I had to answer all these questions (motherhood gone down the drain.)

If it weren't for my bf I would be a 22 year old living with her mum because I'm not allowed to live alone.

I have a conession +1 bus pass (I get on any bus in Scotland for free with one person for free.)

I basically have a counseller person at college I see every two weeks because of my Epilepsy.

I get Disability Living Allowence once a month which is ending (for everyone on DLA something about saving 3.7billion £) so I am currently waiting for a forum in the post from Personal Independant Payment to see if I'm intitled for it.

Everyday on college I go out on my own a few hours away from home but I am always paranoid that I am going to take a seizure and fall in front of a car.

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