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Eleanor And Park Book Review

Eleanor is the new girl in school, she has a chaotic family life, and her mismatched clothes with unruly red hair, she couldn't stick out more if she tried. Park was the boy at the back of the bus. Black shirts, earphones and head in a book. He thought he made himself invisible but not to Eleanor.

Eleanor And Park written by Rainbow Rowell. Published in 2012 by Orin.

Eleanor and Park is a fantastic love story of teenagers but with a twist. I was hooked on the book the first time I read it and again the next three times. This has to be one of my favourite romance books by Rainbow Rowell.

The story is about two polar opposites that are thrown into each other lives one day because of school. The main characters are Eleanor and Park, Eleanor is a young girl who is brought to the new town because her mother got married and Park is a young guy who has lived there his whole life. Both characters are believable and their story is also believable and nothing seems too far fetched.

The main characters are both students at school and they both attend honor classes together. They first meet on a bus and neither one of them wants to speak or sit next to the other. There are many problems for young Eleanor as the man her mother is married to beats her mum and is constantly coming home drunk from work. She has to avoid him at all costs in case she wants a beating or to be kicked out of their home again. My favoruite character has to be Eleanor, she is a strong and indepentant girl for her age and I feel like I can relate to her throughout the book.

She was bullied throughout all her time at school and only really had three friends throughout that time, which isn't long at all as she runs away. In the end of the book Eleanor runs away to live with other family members which later help out her mother and keep her away from Richie, the abusive step-father. I also relate to this as I've run away from home many times.

In my opinion, I loved the book, so much so that I've read it four times now and it never seizes to make me cry at the end of it. My favourite part of the book is when Park first notices that Eleanor is looking over his shoulder to read the comic book he is reading and instead of moving he allows her to read and the next day brings her a stack of her own comics to borrow and read. My least favoruite part of the book is the ending, yes I said this in the last two book reviews but oh my goodness. The ending to this one is, and I quote.

''Just Three Words Long''

That's all we're left with, we're left wondering what happened with Eleanor, did she ever tell Park she loved him too, did she ever go back to see him again? Did Park move on and meet someone else?

If I could change anything it would be to kill off the evil step-dad, he got beaten up sure but that wasn't enough he deserved more than just a beat up from a 17-year-old boy.

I would recommend this book to everyone who is a sucker for romance, even if you're not. I know that before this book I wasn't a fan of romances but this changed me and now I'm a huge fan of Rainbow and she's one of my inspirations to start my own book which many of you know I am already in the middle of writing.

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Smokey2017 What are you writing about
@scary Gail
Sometimes there are songs that really say how you are feeling
One of my favs is thank you by Jamelia abd I would recommend you listen to this
And another one Is hey dad by good Charlotte
I also have written three books on the adventures of Smokey and Chanel
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LiaF7 You would dismiss the stepfather, right? Why kill him in the story?
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Smokey2017 cause of the hatred
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ScaryGal This is a book review it doesn't have anything to do with my personal life except the fact that I relate to the story and characters a lot. In my opinion, I thought it would be a better ending if either the step-dad was killed off in the story or got sent to prison for what he did to Eleanor her mother and her four brothers and sisters.
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Smokey2017 Do you think
Prison would have made him
A better person within himself
Or the sane when he came out
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ScaryGal I would hope it would have made him a better person
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