By NatashaT1994
3 years ago

Disgusting Human - Heartbreaking Story

I was on Facebook and I seen that one of my Facebook friends shared this article. I read it and was trying to hold back my tears. So if you read this and you can be quite emotional then have a tissue next to you.

So it's about this family. Mum, Dad, Son and Daughter. The father who is a vile human did explicate activities to his young daughter and made her think that it was normal thing on what was happening to her. He had explicate photos of his daughter on his computer and another girl.

The mum's story is now a published book.

I don't really want to go into TOO much detail so here is the link for you too read it with way more detail on everything and how the daughter reacted and how she was saying every now and then that "legs were all sticky"

I feel so sorry for the mother. Such a heart breaker that this has happened to her. Never read anything like this before.

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faithfilia i will read it
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