4 years ago

Corbyn: The real deal?

With the release of Labour's new general election manifesto well its leakage at least it does seem there are some interesting ideas in there. For example the renationalising of the railways and some benefits not being capped or re-introduced. The top tier of earners having to pay more tax all to me seem very good ideas indeed. A lot of the policies left wing to some seem to be more working class friendly and more beneficial to the poor than what Theresa 'I am chewing a wasp' May has on offer or is offering or indeed will be offering in the yet to be released, Tory manifesto.

Surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly as the Labour manifesto was apparently agreed by all big wigs in Corbyn's cabinet Trident is being kept. It seems the old left winger Corbyn is learning to compromise in his old age and now describes himself as a centrist.

For me when you look at Corbyn as compared to May and I realize no one is perfect Corbyn comes over as more genuine than the hard-faced May. Of course, that may be based on perception but to me, Corbyn who stuck to his guns for 30 years before being elected leader of the Labour party seems the real deal compared to May.

I have voted for every party going probably in my time including UKIP who do even now seem to combine the best of the right with the left and its a shame that people only see them even now as a one issue party because they have some great ideas like cutting the overseas aid budget instead of cutting basic services and benefits that ordinary folk need.

Corbyn has a huge mountain to climb if he is catch up to May but Corbyn seems to have that way of overcoming the impossible as he did when he became Labour leader twice.

So let's see what happens come June 8 and I admit Corbyn's attitude to immigration like opening the flood gates and letting everyone into an already overcrowded island does somewhat concern me but wouldn't it be nice to think that Corbyn would be true to his word if elected Prime Minister and end this awful cruelty that this government have inflicted on the most vulnerable in our society.