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Control your blood pressure with herbs!

Herbs can be used to control blood pressure. However you will need to speak to your Doctor before taking any herb as Hypertension treatment because sometimes they produce undesirable side effects or interfere with other hypertension medications.


Basil is a delicious herb which has been shown to lower blood pressure.
you can add it in your salad, pasta or any other food.


Cinnamon is a tasty seasoning/spice and can lower your blood pressure if taken daily. Sprinkle it over your oatmeal, breakfast cereal, coffee, you can also add it to stews and curries.


flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which have been found to lower blood pressure. You can get the grounded ones or its better if you grind them at home. Add them in your smoothies, soups or baked stuff.

This is an amazing cooking ingredient which adds wonderful flavor to your food.
This can also be used to lower your blood pressure by relaxing and dialting your blood vessels which will allow the blood to flow freely.

Ginger can help with controlling Hypertension as it improve the blood circulation and relax the muscles suroounding blood vessels.
It is a versatile ingredients and can be used in curries, noodles, stir fries as well as in desserts and drinks.

Its another hebal remedy that has been used in traditional chinese medicines for years.
It has lots of benefits on cardiovascular health. Hawthorn can reduce your blood pressue, can prevent clot formation and increase blood circulation.
you can take hawthorn as a pill, in liquid extract form or a tea.

Celery Seeds

Celery seed is a herb used to flavor savoury dishes.
it is commonly used in china to treat hypertension. You can use the seeds to lower blood pressure or simply extract the juice of the whole plant.
celery is a diuretic which is may be why it effects the blood pressure.

French lavender
It's a beautiful plant with perfume-like scent. Lavender oil has long been used as a perfume and also for relaxation. This herb may also lower your blood pressure. Not many people know that you can use its flowers in baked goods and leaves can be used in the same way you use rosemary.
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HappyLady Interesting. My blood pressure went from low to high over the years so I think I might get a basil plant and there is lavender in my garden.
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