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Chicken from Parma

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For 4 people
600 g chicken fillet
2 egg
flour and baking pan
250 g bacon
40 g plain parmesan cheese
1 eggplant
4 thinly sliced ​​bacon
and bacon
fresh basil fried
500 g spaghetti

Tomato sauce
1 head of onion
2 bay garlic
400 g tomato pelata
½ teaspoon sugar
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
fresh basil

Way of preparation

1. Prepare 4 chicken fillets. Lightly sprinkle them with the hammer for the meat, salt them, and then sprinkle them in flour, scrambled eggs and overcoats. Fry the meat in the dish in heated oil. On dry frying, slice 4 pieces of salted eggplant (cut lengthwise). Also, bake lambs in dry duck. Leave all prepared foods on the side.

2. In the blender, add a tomato sauce with sugar, salt, pepper and basil. Use a little oil to squeeze the finely chopped black and white bow. Slice them slightly and add the prepared tomatoes. Crack for just a few minutes until the tastes in the sauce are united.

3. Cover with the baking paper, so arrange it in order: chicken, then bacon, and eggplant. Through all the rattles of the mozzarella, all the sprinkle with the parmesan. Heat the oven heater up to 220 degrees and cook the complex food for only 5-10 minutes, i.e. until the cheese melts.

4. With chicken from Parma, serve cooked spaghetti spiced with sauce. Decorate the dish with basil leaves.

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