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Carry On Book Review

Title : Carry On
Author: Rainbow Rowell
This book has a map on the insides of the covers to show what the school the characters are attending, it makes it really good for people who have trouble imaging what the schools or location would look like.

This book is a fantasy/romance book and it’s written in different people’s point of views, it skips from person to person to give a view on each situation happening within the book. We first meet Simon Snow who is a Mage, the chosen one who the book focuses on. We’re thrown into some drama when he’s on his way to school after a long boring summer. He’s thrown into an adventure with a taxi driver trying to kill him and become king.
Within the book we follow Simon, his friend Penlope and his girlfriend Agatha as well as their ‘’enemy’’ Baz who isn’t actually introduced properly until a couple chapters in, as the whole book is separated into four different ‘’Books’’, though I’m actually not sure why this is the way it is but I do enjoy it as it helped me see how much I had left.

We follow Baz and Simon on their adventures, they get thrown together because of Baz’s real mother. Baz and Simon decide to make a truce with one another and help each other out. While they’re thrown together however we find out that Baz is actually in love with Simon and has been since the first day he met him! We get a little insight on how Baz really thinks rather than what Simon thinks that Baz thinks, I’ve never really read a book like that before except for another one of Rainbow’s books, Eleanor and Park which is written in the same kind of style switching between characters point’s of views.

My favourite character I would have to say is Baz, Baz is so misunderstood within the book and he puts on this strong look on the outside so no one know’s what he’s truly thinking or feeling. He has many, many secrets and the only person who knows them is Simon who he has shared a room with for four years and counting, he’s never told anyone he was gay and that he was a vampire, turned when he was five years old he kept it a secret due to the fact that magical species aren’t supposed supposed to mix.
Simon had his suspicions from the first year together but he finally catches Baz and decides not to tell anyone about it, he’s not sure why but I believe it’s because deep down, although he doesn’t know it and has a girlfriend, he is also in love with Baz.

The first time we as the readers get a insight about Baz and Simon’s real relationship it comes at an unexpected time. We just have Baz threatening to kill himself because he feels like an awful person and he’s almost setting himself on fire so Simon kisses him to distract him and stop the fire. This is also the funniest part to me due to the fact that while they’re kissing the point of view keeps switching and they’re both wondering if they’re still enemy’s and what this means. Baz also wants to punch Simon in the face but continue to kiss him.

After the kiss we are treated to a few more chapters of the two boys going from kissing to fighting before they finally confess their feelings for one another.

There is so much in this book that I love, I would only say I hate the ending, I won’t give too much away but the ending is amazing yes but we are left with unanswered questions and a cliffhanger of sorts. I did love it and I can’t wait for October 3rd to come around so I can get the hardback cover of the new one called ‘Wayward Son’. A little pun on the song ‘’Carry On My Wayward Son.’’

I can’t wait to read more from this author, I have four more books of her’s sitting on my shelf and I can’t wait to get around to them, though I think I will space them out as she is my favourite and I do love all of her work. I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who LOVED harry potter as a kid or as an adult as I still like to read those books now.
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