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3 years ago

Cake with lemon and coconut cream


For Sheets:
10 tablespoons of milk;
10 tablespoons of sugar;
10 tablespoons of oil;
2 eggs;
an ammonia cured with vinegar;
flour as it contains;
For the cream:
1 liter of milk;
8 tablespoons of flour (can be replaced with starch Gustin);
6 tablespoons of sugar;
zeama from 2 lemons;
a packet of 82% fat butter;
For decoration:
Method of preparation

First we prepare the sheets. So we dissolve the sugar in the milk, then add the eggs, the oil and the ammonia extinguished with a teaspoon of vinegar. Finally, add the flour and knead as much as possible a hard dough.
Divide the dough into 3-4 parts, spread sheets and bake over the tray for about 7 minutes at the right heat.
The pan has been sprinkled with flour to prevent the sheet from sticking.
After we finish baking the sheets, prepare the lemon milk cream.
In a bowl mix the flour with 10 tablespoons of milk and then add the sugar. When the rest of the boiled milk boils, the fire is low and the flour + milk + sugar mixture is poured. Boil until it thickens and gently breaks off the bowl. Put it aside and let it cool by mixing it from time to time.
When the cream cools, add the butter, which is at room temperature and finally the lemon juice to taste.
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