By JamesTay
5 years ago

Build a PC


The reason you have come to this blog?

Well, you might just want to build a PC, But you might be worried or scared about the massive task ahead of you. Don't worry, it's not as bad as you think it is!

Step 1: Find you components
- Choosing what to put in your PC can be confusing, overwhelming and down right impossible for those who are first starting out. The best ways to work out what you need is to think what you will/currently do on your PC you use now. Most general users will only ever casually web browse, play some light games and use your email. But, you can always pop online and find out what best fits your needs by checking out YouTube videos, and what is best to buy.

Step 2: The Build!
-Now, you've got all of your components, Great! This is where it get serious.. so listen up! Before putting ANYTHING into your case, you'll need to check to PC and its many components POST (this means they work). This is an important step to make sure all is well with your components. Once this is done, and all checks out in the BIOS screen, You're good to go!

Step 3: Putting it together properly!
-Many first time builder will fall into the classic mistakes that anyone does. These include: Forgetting the Mother board standoffs, forgetting the IO shield, not screwing the GPU (graphics card) into the case on the side of the case, and many, many more...

Step 4: Windows set up & Drivers!
-Once your PC is built (Well done BTW), you can now go ahead and Install windows and the necessary drivers for your PC. Installing windows will require a bootable USB with the relevant Windows ISO (available form the windows website). Put your PC into USB boot mode, this allows the PC to boot from the USB and install the OS from there. Once this has done you'll NEED to change the boot mode back to your HDD/SSD (whichever appropriate) and then voila! Windows is installed!
-Next drivers, These can be found from the relevant manufactures website that your component belongs to. For example, ANY Intel drivers can be found on the Intel website, any nVidia drivers can be found on the nVidia website and so on.

Step 5: Relax!
If you've gotten this far then good for you. You've built a PC either for the first time or the last if.. you got.. really mad.. or.. something.

Thanks you for reading! Make sure to follow me for other tech related blogs!
5 years
Tiggerfantoo I used to build a lot of PC's in the 90's and 2000's for friends and friends of friends, I made a a fair bit of money doing it too, but today people just dump their old pc and buy another, they are so much cheaper these days.
5 years
5 years
ze2000 I built my last one around 2005, but since 2008 I only use laptops. The last one I got is an HP Envy 360, a good machine but the quality is not there...
5 years
5 years
JamesTay @ze2000 the new HP 360x looks amazing!
5 years
5 years
ze2000 @JamesTay I had to swap it 3 times when it was new, the quality controls are not there for a machine meant to be top of the range...
5 years