By Mohrem
3 years ago

Boost Your Brain by not Quitting Learning

Did you know that not breaking the learning process during your whole lifetime keeps your brain power strong by enhancing memory and allowing brain cells to to communicate efficiently regardless of your age? Learning a foreign language, reading books, playing a new instrument or constructing new hobbies are some of the ways that one can continue with the process of learning.

Research shows that even just keeping yourself informed about current news keeps the brain active and fit. Essentially, anything that requires that you feed your brain with new information is required. This, coupled with exercise and a great diet can also prevent Alzheimer's disease.

One should also find ways to deal with stress as stress is almost inevitable. As a matter of fact stress could be positive, a blessing in disguise to help us form new problem-solving skills.

Get out in the fresh air, have small talks and find a reason to laugh, laugh at yourself and you are on your way to a healthier mind, body and soul!
3 years
3 years