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Book Review: The Long Ride Home


The Long Ride Home
by Susan R. Lawrence
BJU Press/JourneyForth

Children's Fiction , Historical Fiction
Pub Date 04 Dec 2017

I am reviewing a copy of The Long Ride Home through BJU Press/JourneyForth And Netgalley:
Fans of The Orphan Train Series will love the book The Long Ride Home,

A brother and a sister leave the New York to head to the farmlands in Iowa where they will be cared for by two different families. Emma finds a family who wants young children, but Bert is more of a farmhand!

Mr and Mrs Vogel provide well for Bert, and he enjoys hearing Mr Vogel read but it doesn't feel quite like a family.

Soon though Bert realizes that perhaps the Vogel's are family after all.

I give The Long Ride Home, five out of five stars!
Happy Reading!
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