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Book Review: The Girl With More Than One Heart


The Girl with More Than One Heart
by Laura Geringer Bass
Amulet Books
Children's Fiction
Pub Date 17 Apr 2018
I am reviewing a copy of The Girl with More Than One Heart through Amulet Books and Netgalley:

After Brianna looses her Father to her heart attack it's as if she feels a new heart growing inside of her.

After her Father dies Brianna finds herself having to care for her Autistic younger brother because her Mother is nearly overpowered with grief. She finds herself using most of her time and energy caring for Aaron. Did Aaron's special needs hurt her Fathers already fragile heart? The feelings of her new "Dads heart" help her to deal with uncertainties as well as the friendships and even romances she starts feeling inside her heart.

As Brianna slowly begins to come to terms with what is happening she is slowly able to let go of her "Dad heart" and learns to rely only on her own heart.

I give The Girl With More Than One Heart five out of five stars!

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