By Michellekidwell
3 years ago

Book Review; The Bad Sister

Joffe Books
Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date 30 Sep 2017   
I am reviewing a copy of Bad Sister through Joffe Books and Netgalley:
When Detective Sam Clayton is called to a murder scene in Holt, he is more than a little surprised to see his estranged sister at the scene. Even more shocking is the fact it is his Sister’s husband Henry Lambdton who has been murdered. Due to his connection with the victim and potential suspect he is taken off the case and DS Julie Everett is called to continue the investigation.
After being pulled off his brother in laws murder case Clayton focuses on a vicious arson attack in Norwich, which leaves a Polish family dead. It is seemingly a part of a series of arson attacks that is attached to a series of attacks that is likely part of an extremist group.
Will they be able to solve these cases, and stop more attacks from coming?
Could they be related?
Find out in the Bad Sister five out of five stars!
Happy Reading

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