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Book Review:Scars Across Humanity


Scars Across Humanity
Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women
by Elaine Storkey

InterVarsity Press

IVP Academic
Christian , Religion & Spirituality
Pub Date 20 Feb 2018

I am reviewing a copy of Scars Across Humanity through IV Press and Netgalley:

November 25 1960 in a Sugarcane field in the Dominican Public three sisters are brutally murdered. The sisters were strangled and clubbed to death, they were three out of the four Mirabal Sisters. The murder so brutal the killers put them in a Jeep and pushed it over the cliff, wanting to make it look like an accident but no one was fooled.

Almost fourth years later on November 25 1999, November 25 became known as the International Day Again Violence Towards Women.

From Tahir Egypt to the Congo violence against women is a real struggle, even in the United States Violence against women .

Elaine Storkey deals with everything from early forced marriages, to selective abortions, to spousal abuse.

Every three seconds a girl under eighteen is married somewhere in the world. That's barely the time it takes for a person to blink. Most of the times these marriages are without consent and generally to a much older man. These forced marriages put these girls at risk.

Elaine Storkey goes on to talk about both (so called) honor killings and Femicide. In some parts of the world some girls are murdered for something as harmless as talking to a boy. Even in the U.S and Canada we have seen cases of Honor Killings.

Human Trafficking is also a very real issue that sadly many women have to face. Although men can be victims of human trafficking it is women and girls who are most vulnerable.

Rape is also another evil women have to attend with.

I give Scars Across Humanity five out of five stars!

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