By Michellekidwell
2 years ago

Book Review: Ruth


by H.B. Moore
Covenant Communications

Christian , Women's Fiction
Pub Date 01 Dec 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Ruth through Covenant Communications and Netgalley:

In this book Master Stpryteller H.B Moore brings the Biblical story of Ruth to life,. This is a never told before Vivid recount of Ruth's life.

After Ruth's husband dies she finds herself at a crossroads. Instead of returning to everything she knows Ruth decides she will stay with her Mother in Law. She will be Naomi's caretaker and companion.

Ruth and Naomi leave Moab the land they know to go to Bethlehem. They arrive downtrodden and destitute although Ruth works day and night to provide for Naomi, it is the kindness of Boaz that give these two a respite from their trials and suffering.

As Ruth's and Boaz relationship grows she finds her broken heart is starting to heal.

Will Ruth be able to have a life with Boaz?

Find out in Ruth!
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