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Book Review: Grace Anna Sings

Grace Anna Sings

A story of hope through a little girl with a big voice

by Angela Ray Rodgers

Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC

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Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC

Christian , Parenting & Families

Pub Date 01 Nov 2017

I am beyond excited to be reviewing a copy of Grace Anna Sings through Broadstreet Publishers and there partnership with Netgalley:

For a few years now I have been following Grace Anna’s stories, her personality, her Charisma, her determination and her faith all shine through.

From the beginning Grace Anna proved to be a little warrior. She has endured surgeries, and health scares but through it all her Families Faith and her fighting Spirit would prove to be the strength they needed.

At sixteen month Grace Anna who then could barely say a three word sentence began signing, because her Mom had often sang to her when she needed comfort.

Music helped Grace Anna through pain, she learned to sing songs by Mercy Me and Natalie Grant.

Grace Anna became so popular, her determined spirit inspiring many that she was soon invited to Katie with Katie Couric.

Venues such as Facebook proved to help bring awareness to Grace Anna’s condition Conradi-Hunnermann syndrome a rare form dwarfism, but some took advantage of this, and some were cruel.

Thank you Angela Ray Rodgers for sharing your little girl with the world, she has inspired so many, myself included.

Five out of five stars!

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