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3 years ago

Book Review:

Beneath the Scars
by Amy Carroll
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Mystery & Thrillers , Romance
Pub Date 25 Oct 2017

I am reviewing a copy Of Beneath the Scars Through BooksgoSocial and Netgalley:

Lacey Burke is a New York City Undercover Police Detective. She had grown up in the Foster care system where she was shuffled from home to home. That is likely why she is dating pompous overachieving Tyler Hathaway. He may be Stuck On himself but he is wealthy and can offer her travel and other great adventures. The problem is she is starting to believe there is more to life than just financial security. She realizes she is falling in love with her good friend and work partner Jason Reed. Jason is a womanizer though and Lacey doesn't want to.

After seeing a man on the Subway the nightmares started. A me,pry trapped in her subconscious ties her to this man she'd likely have forgotten.

I give Beneath the Scars five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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