By domcoby
3 years ago

Bitcoin Is Revolutionizing Everything

We're living nowadays in the inception of cryptocurrencies. And even though Bitcoin started back in 2009, when is was worth cents per coin, we're still in the first steps.

Now there are many people making profits with Bitcoin, especially those who got several coins at a fraction of a dollar. Then others have entered the game along the way, but they've been getting coins at a much higher price.

The subject Bitcoin is not only hot, but it is also controversy depending on any individual's perspective. There are those ones who support it because clearly they are profiting from it. But there are people who diminish it calling scam or ponzi.

However,it is funny how they keep bashing cryptocoins such as Bitcoin when there are a lot of people living on it. They are paying their bills, houses, cars on Bitcoin. I think we're witnessing the beginning of a transition of the financial model.

Naturally, this won't happen overnight. There are still millions of people who yet don't grasp the importance on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the community of supporters is growing everyday.

And this is the key for any cryptocurrency to gain value. There is a simple formula that explains this: The more the circulation (people buying/selling and trading with Bitcoin) the more value it gains.

But behind cryptocurrencies, there's something even more important and valuable. And that is Blockchain technology.

It will cover many aspects of lives, making it more productive on certain fields. No wonder Disney and even NASA have adopted this technology.

As you can see, the whole topic of Bitcoin and the technology behind is becoming general knowledge because that's the road we're taking.

And like it just happened with the internet, it is just a matter of time to see the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

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