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3 years ago

Benefits of Coffee


It's assumed by many that too much coffee can have serious health issues, both physical and mental. If I have more than 2 cups per day and don't use up the energy, I get insane shakes, anxiety, and my heart rate can almost double (I've got an exercise band which records it.) However, without those 2-3 cups I struggle to function, and often end up in a zombie-like state.

Coffee, when drank in moderation, can be incredibly beneficial and help you to function through your hectic day to day life. I've decided to list some of it's many benefits and how it can improve performance, so if you are interested, please give this a read!

1. Coffee increases energy levels
Of course, you do burn through this energy faster, so you will need to replenish (and coffee should not substitute for fruit/veg) However, it's great if you need to be productive, or work at a fast pace, and you will burn off tons of fatty calories with your burst!

2. Coffee can improve the way your brain functions.
Caffeine travels through the bloodstream and to the brain, where it boosts dopamine levels and makes you more alert and aware. This enables you to focus and perform better both mentally and physically.

3. Coffee contains important Vitamins
One cup of coffee contains vitamin B2, B3, and B5 which are all vital in order for your body and brain to function well. Other nutrients such as potassium, Magnesium, and Niacin are highly beneficial to your physical well being.

4. Other health benefits.
There is a myth that coffee is linked to heart issues, however little studies have been able to prove this and actually suggest that caffeine drinkers are more likely to survive these conditions, as their heart steadily and naturally becomes adjusted to sudden pace changes, whereas a none caffeine drinker's heart struggles to cope. Coffee drinkers have on average a 7-10% less chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes, and certain types of cancer such as colorectal and liver cancer are very uncommon in coffee drinkers. Coffee drinkers on average live longer, and have a 65% less chance of getting brain problems such as Alzheimer's or dementia.

5. Coffee makes you Happier.
As you drink coffee, your dopamine levels rise, in the same way as they would if you take certain anti-depressants - and more so than others! This makes you feel good, capable, and gives you confidence and stamina.

As mentioned before, coffee should never be taken too frequently. Like pretty much everything else you can eat/drink, moderation is key to obtaining these benefits. I recommend not drinking more than 3 cups per day, and only if you need that many. As if you drink it too much, not only will your body get too used to the intake and become less affected, but it can also have negative inflictions.

Coffee is overall a fantastic product with far more benefits than hindrances. I don't know if I would be able to cope without it, but if you are ever feeling sluggish, useless, or just plain unhappy, make yourself one and see for yourself what a difference one cup can make!

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ze2000 I suppose like everything it's ok if it's not too much.
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LiaF7 Love coffee. Drink three short expressos a day. Portuguese people love coffee :)
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