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Beards every where

Where ever I go, whenever I log on to some website, turn on the TV there is someone looking back at me with face fungus or stubble. It's like where ever I go these hirsute people are following me or am I paranoid? Perhaps my paranoia is based on the perceived threat facial hair appears to have or not as the case may be.

I always associated beards with Hippies and now currently Hipsters but it seems these days where you go men of whatever age are sprouting facial hair.

Let's be honest although I am not a beard or stubble fan per se facial hair suits some people but not everyone and some people with facial hair or beards look like tramps especially if some of this hair is grey especially in older men. Besides according to some health specialists beards have enough bacteria to start an epidemic the kind of faecal bacteria that lives in your toilet bowl. Is it any wonder many women hate guys with beards especially the philosopher beard containing all that bacteria. Roald Dahl also wrote a book I believe about a couple who were disgusting in their ways featuring yes you guessed it a guy with a long bedraggled beard.

Certainly, this beard trend has come about because of the Hipster fashion and many celebs sporting beards. Many also think the beard is back in fashion because it bestows some kind of masculinity in the male who can grow the biggest beard and is a sign to females of how manly this male is.

Aside from the above Darwinian theory of beards, I'm sure at some point clean shaving will come back and until it does those of us who are must keep this light burning.

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Bilston This style of beard does not give a clean image.
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Shavkat Nice article
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