By BethanyNelson
3 years ago


Before I mention what my opinion on ASMR is let me simply state that this is just my opinion and should not affect your opinion at all. My opinion on ASMR is that it depends on how good the video is whether I love it or hate it. I will link the good videos I watched to form my opinion down. In my case, there were certain videos that made me feel nice but some that made me feel uncomfortable. I believe that you enjoy ASMR more if you miss the closeness of another being. There are many different variations of ASMR like roleplay of having your hair done or having somebody nibble your ear and these are the ones that I prefer over just somebody whispering weird things into your ears which simply just makes you feel uncomfortable. To conclude, no, ASMR isn't for everyone but it is something that might be worth a try.

If you need a good ASMR video I would recommend this one:
The girl in the attached image is the Youtuber who made the attached video. She is the one of the best and a good one to try if you've never tried ASMR before.

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