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Are plastic bottles worth the convenience?

Purified and mineral water, liquid detergent, and other cleaning liquid and in recent years, bottled soft drinks companies are all using plastic bottles to deliver their products.

Using plastic bottles have their advantages.

1. Durability - Platic bottles are more durable compared to glass bottles. You may drop a plastic bottle and it won't break. Surely, plastic bottles will deform if a pressure is applied, but they will not break.

2. Safety- since they are durable, plastic bottles are safe to use. Especially for kids.

3. Lightweight- Since plastic bottles are extremely light, they are much cheaper to transport them.

4. Low Cost - Not only eare cheaper to transport, but they are also cheaper to produce too.

5. Recyclable/reusable - most plastic bottles are recyclable and reusable. Unfortunately not all them.

6. Convenient to use. Plastic bottles are convenient both to manufacturers and consumers. That's the reason when you go your favorite grocery stores, most of the products are packed in plastic containers.

Some Disadvantage of using plastic bottles.

Here are some of the negative effects of using plastic bottles.

1. Decomposition. When you throw the plastic bottles away, it takes about 500 years before they decompose. The discarded plastic bottles will fill-up the landfills for an undetermined period of time

2. Absorbs Flavor. Plastic absorbs strong flavor and scent. Removing the smell of a strong flavored food or drink might get difficult.

3. Hard to recycle and reuse- They may be recyclable or reusable, but only for a brief period of time. Some plastic materials are not recyclable at all. Refilling the plastic bottles with purified water has been reported that it is not good for our health.

4. Causes Pollution - This is the most threatening negative impact of using plastic bottles. They fill up landfills. They pollute the oceans. When you burn them, they emit chemicals that are hazardous to health and deplete the ozone layer.

The question is:

Are plastic bottles worth the convinience?

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