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Archbishop will go to Holyland

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is to visit the Middle East in May which will be his first trip in four years. He visited there in 2013 but not in his profession as Archbishop rather he was visiting as a private citizen.

He will meet with King Abdullah of Jordan and will visit Israel and Palestine to highlight the plight of Palestinian Christians whose population has dropped considerably since the founding of Israel.

He will cross the controversial separation wall into the West Bank and visit Bethlehem while there to meet the Christian Mayor of the city. He will also visit Nazareth, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem possibly taking the plight of the Palestinians with him to discuss with Israeli leaders.

The wall built by Israel snakes across the border between Israel and Palestine (West Bank) and even cuts over the border in places. Israel built it as a deterrent to Palestinian suicide bombers understandably but this wall is a pain to many Palestinians as they go about lives.

The wall sometimes is bang up right against Palestinian towns while Israeli security checks make life hard for Palestinians as they cross from one part of the West Bank to the other or into Israel proper.

The government of Israel led by strongman Benjamin Netanyahu has been described as Fascistic in its attitude to the Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Palestinians do not help themselves being divided between Hamas and Fatah politically.

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ze2000 What is he trying to achieve there? Not sure they are ready to listen...
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