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A woman contracts HIV from her partner who left her ignorant his virus

A man who knowingly had HIV passed it onto a woman. The woman who had contracted the disease after the offence was rought with anger and sorrow and stated "I can't believe my life is now over, how could anyone be so evil and sadistic". The man was subsequently imprisoned for the offence. As It is against the law to deliberately infect someone with a virus deadly as such to someone.

A man who met his partner on a website was jailed for two years and two months. Simba Kuuya, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, knowingly had the illness for four years but kept it secret from his lover and continuedto have
unprotected sex.

The victim, of the offence only found out about the the infected mans condition. He was 32 and a carrier of HIV for many years. subsequently the ex of this man had ckntavted the woman who he infected about his condition when they broke up and another of his ex partners contacted her via Facebook. When she confronted Kuuya, he denied it.

Sadly, the woman had contracted the illness from him. I suppose if they were married a divorced would be inevitble. But things like this concern me as a lot of young females meet strangers online and perform sexual acts and can be ignorant to their sexual health condition. Always use a protection (condom) and always know of their sexual history. Don't have intercourse with someone if you don't know anything about them: it can cost you your life.

And, notably, there are other sexually transmitted infections like syphilis which can affect your coordination, your mental health and fertility. Some are incurable, sadly, HIV/Aids isn't. Albeit, many that suffer From aids are still living their lives on sustaining medication to help them coap with the mental implications of the virus. I hope more awareess will be spread to help cease abhorrent crimes like these. "Some peoples lives will never be the same again"(Dr PhD,Tina J. Robinson, psychologist)

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NyishaHv Also, yes this man did conceal his HIV from his professional life and was discriminated for doing so. However, he didn't deliberately pass his virus onto someone else. I am saying that it is wrong to pass on HIV to another person and simultaneously concealing it means that you had the intention to infect that person with HIV. Otherwise if you were to admit having the disease it would most likely deter that other person from having intercourse with you. In the same respect, the guy In the film conceals his HIV from his profession knowing that which is intentional. As he is aware of the potential repercussions; losing his job.
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vickyB This is very disgusting why would someone be so cruel.
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