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3 years ago

A Positive 2018!!

As someone who can't think positive most days I started researching things to try and make myself feel positive, it started with looking at inspirational quotes o google, it leads to looking at Instagram and now I'm here writing this article to try and help people think more positively about themselves and maybe come back to this myself when I'm having a bad day! So here are some tips to try and stay positive.

Try and focus on you, now when you're doing this write-down or think of some things you think that are positive about yourself, it doesn't matter what they are!
Somepoeplw ill find this hard, I know that I do. So where do you start to try and find these positive thoughts? Well, we start when we notice something, we have to remember it or write it down this helps to start acknowledging the thoughts.

I have a journal I write positive thoughts or positive things about myself in there, this really helps me especially when I'm having a really rough day and can't see anything good about myself. Now, these things don't have to be anything big, I have small things like 'I'm an animal lover'' and ''I love writing'' Just small things you can start to recognize helps in the long run.

Okay so let's help you think of some positive qualities;

What do you like about who you are?
What characteristics do you have that you like?
What achievements do you have?
What challenges have you overcome?

Including everything, it doesn't matter if you think it's too small or ''insignificant'', modest or unimportant. This isn't for anyone else this is for yourself to reflect on.

Some examples may include.
-Animal lover
-Good listener
-Nice person

I hope you all have a wonderful new year. Hopefully, 2018 will be better than 2017! Please let me know if this helped you in anyway
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